Not all testimonials come through Wedding Wire some just come to me – these are often my favorites. I had the honor of marrying these 2 men twice last year…lucky me!!!

When my partner and I were planning our wedding, we searched online to find an officiant for the ceremonies. Cathy’s site beckoned with the warmth of her smile. We chatted online and were charmed immediately by Cathy’s personality.

Cathy provided quite a few choices of ceremonies that she used or we would provide her with a custom one of our own making. We opted for one which seemed to be written just for us. During the process, no detail or question was too insignificant.

We were married the first time in Vancouver, WA on our friend’s front porch where we had met two years prior. It was a small elopement ceremony and it was very perfect.

The second ceremony was five months later and included friends and family. It was a much more elaborate ceremony with food and music and took place in friends’ beautiful garden. It too went without a hitch.

At both ceremonies, Cathy was with us every step of the way. She also recommended some wonderful vendors for music and photography. We would recommend her without hesitation for anyone planning a wedding in the Portland area. She Rocks!

James Wall and Doug Braun


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Cathy was such a pleasure to work with from start to finish. She made the whole process calm, organized and pleasant. She worked with us to create a completely personalized ceremony, including writing our own vows, a reading and a wine box ceremony. She attended our rehearsal and was very helpful during it. On our wedding day, she calmed our nerves beforehand, provided support, and the ceremony itself went beautifully. As a military bride, I have paperwork we have to do after getting married, and Cathy even met with us the next day so we could get our marriage license notarized right then to speed up the paperwork process!
I’d spoken with several potential officiants before Cathy, and none compared to her willingness to personalize, and true interest in ensuring a perfect ceremony. Tiffany and Tony


From our first meeting with Rev. Cathy we knew we had found the right person to officiate our wedding.  After being together for 25 years and finally being able to marry, legally, was such an important milestone in our lives and it was essential that we “clicked” with our officiant.  Cathy listened closely to our story, our vision, and our spiritual beliefs as all were reflected in the ceremony we created under her thoughtful guidance.  Cathy led us to a balance of exciting party and meaningful ritual and set the tone right from the beginning for our ceremony.

Thank you for helping us to create a truly memorable day in our journey together.  We couldn’t have gotten there without you!  We are grateful for your wisdom, your laughter and your openness to making sure that our ceremony was uniquely ours.

Barb & Wendy 2013

It has taken us a few days to find the words to post on Rev. Cathy’s timeline because of trying to come up with the right words to express our happiness and gratitude for her being our officiant. Rev. Cathy did a fantastic job and made our ceremony one we will never forget. Prior to the ceremony she took the time to meet with us and even though it was a brief visit we felt very relaxed and connected with her. Once we had a rough draft of our ceremony she took the time to incorporate our story and a few other special add ins and helped in finalizing our words into something beautiful. Once the day came she did a great job on helping to relax Grant and explaining to our guests their place once we would be next to each other and saying our vows. There were smiles and tears all at once and we feel Rev. Cathy had a part with this in the way she approached our saying and repeating our vows and “I do” ‘s. Thank you again, so much Rev. Cathy. Grant and Patricia Grant Metzgar  2013


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Wedding officiant make you comfortable? Why or why not?

Reverend Cathy was extremely easy to get along with – she made me comfortable from the very beginning. In our first email, she was so open, warm and was ready to work with our wedding needs. There is no doubt that we worked with the perfect person to make our ceremony everything we hoped for. Upon arriving in to town, Reverend Cathy met with us to go over our ceremony in person and again, we fell instantly at peace with her – like we had been good friends for a lifetime! Our daughter – 2 years old – insisted on sitting next to Reverend Cathy during lunch. Reverend Cathy is nothing short of amazing!

What did the officiant or clergy add that was unexpected? What difference did she make

EVERY DIFFERENCE. She was incredibly accomodating with every step of the way. I had to change our wedding date due to work issues and she had no problem changing our date without any request for add’l deposits. She made our flowers for us after taking a floral class – which were GORGEOUS, fresh, smelled wonderful and were from a local grower… For our ceremony, we asked for a few changes which she readily did without even blinking an eye. The day of our wedding she came early to drop the flowers and noticed I was nearly at a point of panic. She did a calming prayer with me and just reminded me of the importance of every moment, helping me to calm down immediately – she made such a difference in that moment that I know had she not come in at that point – my nerves would have been shot. During our ceremony – because of our constant conversations – she was part of OUR community… She sounded absolutely wonderful the entire time, which is not a small factor in a ceremony… At the end – my daughter took pictures because they had become fast friends … After signing our papers, hugging Reverend Cathy made it even clearer that she had made EVERY difference possible. We will go back to Portland to visit and we will stop to visit Reverend Cathy without a doubt … she was not only a phenomenal officiant but in that span of time – she has, again, become part of OUR community of friends.

How did you personalize your wedding ceremony?

We changed a few sentences and a bit of the wording; however, Reverend Cathy’s ceremony was so well written we literally only made a few minor changes; which we took from another sample of Reverend Cathy’s ceremony. Yes, it was THAT good and I’m exceptionally picky!

Favorite wedding ceremony comment from guests?

From Carl – who was my attendant, when the panic hit he had been helping me with the veil – at that same time, Reverend Cathy came to the hotel room door — he had personally been a witness to the panic coming – He left the room with my daughter to give Reverend Cathy and I a few minutes alone to have our calming prayer and when he came back in the room his first comment was “WOW – now THAT’s impressive… she calmed you RIGHT down – like you’re a different person.” In that short span of time I had gone from the beginning stages of tears to BEAMING. Later on, he commented again – how impressive Reverend Cathy was with her work and her calling because I was a totally calmed and different person when I was done … and again, he said WOW! … Everything about Reverend Cathy is a WOW statement!

– Michelle and Jeff

Yes definitely! Cathy is so easy to talk to and work with. Out of all the people we had to work with in preparing for the wedding Cathy was the our favorite because she was so understanding and wonderful.

I wouldn’t say there was anything unexpected, but I was amazed at how calm and organized Cathy was at the rehearsal and the day of the wedding. I found out pretty quickly in the planning stages of the wedding that not everyone you hire always lives up to your expectations. Cathy went above and beyond my expectations. The rehearsal was quick and orderly, but we all still had a good time and everyone knew what they were supposed to do and when once we left.

Cathy did an amazing job of adding in how my husband and I met and some of the life experiences we’ve had so far into the overall ceremony. There ceremony was really one of kind specific to him and myself.

I can’t remember a favorite comment, but there were several guests that remarked at how much they enjoyed the ceremony itself and how great it was that it was unique to my husband and I.

– Kristina T

Rob and I were married July 17th, 2010 and couldn’t have been happier with the ceremony. She was very willing to work with us, and considering the differences in our faiths and cultural backgrounds another officiant could have made creating a ceremony or even performing such a ceremony a nightmare. Rev. Cathy worked diligently to put together the perfect ceremony for us. She was willing to listen to changes we wanted made and even offered a wealth of knowledge and suggestions. She met personally with us in a very inviting atmosphere made us feel comfortable and charmed by her friendly nature.  She provided a personal grounding, and relaxation ceremony for both of us before the wedding began. In truth she made our happy day even happier, we’d be happy to go back to her for all of our spiritual needs in the future.

Blessed Day- Diana and Rob

We want to Thank You for your presence and creation of a beautiful and meaningful ceremony. It was perfect and we couldn’t have asked for more. Thank You so Much! P.S. Feel free to use us as a testimonial on your website. The ceremony and your positive energy were amazing.

– D&S

Teri and I were married by Rev. Cathy in July 2008. We were very pleased as to how effectively she began the conversation on marriage and led us through the process. Her professional but personal approach was demonstrated from beginning to end, which was very much appreciated. It gave us the freedom to relax and trust that the ceremony would be as we desired. Our ceremony was crafted with her help and examples of personal vows which expressed our innermost feelings and beliefs exceptionally well. We would highly recommend her for other couples’ marriage ceremonies.

– Ron and Teri

We would like to thank Rev. Cathy Hume for all of her hard work and great care in creating the perfect wedding ceremony for our big day.

Rev. Cathy did an exceptional job helping us plan our ceremony and our vows. She took the time to guide us, uncovering the ceremony that we desired while providing the structure and language that helped give our vows their unique meaning.

On the day of the ceremony, Rev. Hume functioned not only as our officiant but also as a calming presence and caring companion. Her delivery of our ceremony was warm and heartfelt and expressive and full of personality.

Rev. Cathy honored who we are and what we desired in our ceremony. Her insights, attentiveness, and friendship helped to make our wedding ceremony absolutely perfect. Thank you, Cathy!

– Amy and Charlie

Rand and I had a SUPERB wedding celebration on January 18, 2009, exactly as we had envisioned it. Meeting Rev. Cathy was a large part of the success of our very special day. She wove the vows we had written and the important inclusions we wanted into a most beautifully written, spiritually uplifting ceremony that incorporated poetry and text that reflected our feelings and attitudes perfectly. She had many ideas to offer, and at the same time was completely open to and respectful of our own ideas—we never had to compromise. Rev. Cathy’s calm and assuring manner, both when she visited our home to plan the ceremony and in her “grounding time” with each of us just prior to the wedding, relieved any “jitters” we had. She was always available for questions and discussion before the wedding day, and on our wedding day she took the time to come early enough to meet the family and wedding party, take time with those who were doing readings in the ceremony, and mingle with the guests. She takes her work seriously and obviously enjoys what she does. Our family and friends were as impressed with her as we were. We can’t recommend her services highly enough!

– Judi and Rand

Vow Renewal

Last September my husband and I decided to renew our vows at our small church here in Loveland, CO. It was a complete surprise to me, my husband set it all up, and asked Cathy to be the minister for our ceremony. We were not prepared with any form or program, it was a surprise gift for me after all, so he asked Cathy to write the ceremony and to bring it with her from Oregon.

She wrote such a beautiful ceremony, there was not a dry eye in the church. Her eloquence with words, and her ability to embrace the spirituality I believe in, as do the other members of the church, was amazing. It showed me a beautiful minister, I had not had the privilege of seeing that side of my sister.

I have been asked to give a copy of the service to another friend of mine who is thinking of renewing her vows also, which I will do. I had probably six or seven people tell me how beautiful they thought the ceremony was. I would certainly recommend this program and ceremony to anyone, especially a couple that wants to renew their vows after a period of difficulty, just for the strength it seemed to lend to our commitment.

– Becky