About Cathy


My wonderful brother and sisters teach me how to be the best person I can be, through their love and acceptance of my path. I also am a grandmother. There is nothing quite as special as “Grandma Love.”

My road getting here has been a winding one. It has taught me that there is no greater force than Love. I was the single parent of a wonderful and very special daughter from the time she was almost three until she went away to college. I worked a steady job that provided for all the necessary things in life while she was in school, but also had some tough times as well. Single parenting was challenging, but full of great life lessons. My daughter is now a Physician, married to a wonderful man, and they have started their family. Any time in my life that I felt I had failed, I could look at her and know that there were some things I did right.

The road most traveled never appealed to me; I liked the path that pulled hardest. Therefore, my quest for knowledge of the metaphysical started with reading about Edgar Cayce in the 80s. That is where my curiosity and insatiable thirst for knowledge about the Spirit of things started. From Edgar Cayce, I traveled to Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra, learning and trying this new idea of “you are what you wish to be” on for size.

Continuing in my studies, I learned how much our mindset and thought patterns have to do with our reality and what we choose for ourselves. Deciding to choose a positive attitude and healthy lifestyle was the obvious outcome. This process has evolved to the point that I now consider myself to be living consciously. Participating in the Gateway to Conscious Evolution program taught by Barbara Marx Hubbard introduced me to Duane Elgin and simplicity. I also participated in a Gather the Women event that was life changing in recognizing the Divine Feminine, and the divine feminine within me. So to me now, this is living consciously. My husband and I drive one vehicle, live in an urban area, and believe in being close to and in harmony with mother nature (or Pachamama as they call it in Peru).

coastalWeddingI do love to travel, so learning about other cultures and just plain having fun are important to me. Giving back by volunteering and teaching water exercise are important aspects of my life. I feel that my life has balance and meaning in it. I love this space of bringing happiness through ceremony and doing the Reiki Healing work that makes you feel so good. So I am a believer that life is what you make it and also that heaven is here on earth; I live it every day!

I was ordained as a Minister, Earth Steward, and Spiritual Healer through a wonderful community called People of the Heart in June of 2007. This culminates years of study and practice and opens new doors and windows from which to choose new paths to learn and grow.

Heaven is where the heart is — and it is HERE WITH ME RIGHT NOW!

Joyous Peace,